Roundhouse Kicks and Champion’s League final!

Hey Chasers,

Another action-packed weekend coming up! We got playoff hockey, playoff basketball, the Championship League Finals, UFC 173 and much more. Should be an exciting few days!


Championship League Final

It’s the Championship League Final this Saturday! Real Madrid will face off against the new kings of Spain, their city rivals Atletico Madrid. Get ready soccer fans for one of the biggest games of the season!

UFC 173: Barao vs Dillashaw

This saturday, UFC 173 will feature Renan Barao vs TJ Dillashaw for the UFC Bantamweight Championship. And you know what we say: “Saturday night is Fight night”!

Canadiens @ Rangers

After tonight’s game, the Rangers might get a chance to end the series against the Kings and make it to the Stanley Cup Finals! Definitively a game you don’t want to miss!

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This weekend schedule – March 14-16

A sneak peak of this weekend’s schedule (Mar. 14-16):

  • Friday – ACC Tournament Quarterfinals – NCAAM – 7:00pm – Find a bar
  • Friday – SEC Tournament Quarterfinals – NCAAM – 7:00pm – Find a bar
  • Saturday – France vs Ireland – Rugby – 1:00pm – Find a bar
  • Saturday – Colorado Rapids at NY Red Bulls – MLS – 5:00pm – Find a bar
  • Saturday – UFC 171 – 10:00pm – Find a bar
  • Sunday – Arsenal at Tottenham – English Soccer – 11:55am – Find a bar
  • Sunday – Selection Sunday – NCAAM – 6:00pm – Find a bar
  • Sunday – Houston Rockets at Miami Heat – NBA – 3:30pm – Find a bar

SportChaser schedule

This weekend on SportChaser – Jan. 24 to Jan. 26

Get a sneak peak of this weekend’s schedule on!

  • Fri, Jan. 24th – UCLA Bruins @ Stanford Cardinal – NCAA – 11:00pm – Find a bar
  • Sat, Jan. 25th – Florida State @ Duke Blue Devils – NCAA – 12:00pm – Find a bar
  • Sat, Jan. 25th – Henderson vs. Thomson – UFC – 8:00pm – Find a bar
  • Sat, Jan. 25th – Ohio State @ Wisconsin – College Hockey – 8:00pm – Find a bar
  • Sun, Jan. 26th – Australian Open – Men’s Final – Tennis – 3:30am – Find a bar
  • Sun, Jan. 26th – NY Rangers @ NJ Devils – NHL – 12:30pm – Find a bar
  • Sun, Jan. 26th – Marseille vs Monaco – French Soccer – 2:45pm – Find a bar
  • Sun, Jan. 26th – WWE: Royal Rumble – 7:00pm – UFC – Find a bar
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Get in the Holiday Spirit with

Dear Chasers,

Happy holidays from! We wish you a wonderful time with the people you love and a safe holiday season, starting with this cute video from a 2-year old playing basketball.

Now, onto the big reasons to visit your local sports bars this weekend. From the UFC and WWE fights to a some crazy sports games, this weekend is sure to turn some heads and give us a reason to talk so with that, check out the top games with our weekend snapshot.

A sneak peak of this weekend’s schedule on

  • Fri, Dec. 13th – Brooklyn Nets @ Detroit Pistons – NHL – 7:30pm – Find a Bar
  • Fri, Dec. 13th – The Ashes Third Test, Day 2 – Cricket – 9:30pm – Find a bar
  • Sat, Dec. 14th – Man. City vs. Arsenal – English Soccer – 7:40am – Find a bar
  • Sat, Dec. 14th – RC Toulon vs. Exeter Chiefs – Rugby – 3:00pm – Find a bar
  • Sat, Dec. 14th – Johnson vs. Benavidez 2 – UFC – 8:00pm – Find a bar
  • Sun, Dec. 15th – Seattle Seahawks vs. NY Giants – NFL – 1:00pm – Find a bar
  • Sun, Dec. 15th – Phil. Flyers @ Wash. Capitals – NHL –  3:00pm – Find a bar
  • Sun, Dec. 15th – WWE TLC – WWE – 8:00pm – Find a bar

Enjoy your weekend and the craziness this next week will bring!

The Unified Champion, A Story from WWE

For the last Pay Per View of the year, we will all have the honor of seeing something that was 11 years in the making. World Heavyweight Champion John Cena will step into the squared circle to go one on one with the reigning WWE Champion Randy Orton. The match will crown what has been voted to be called the Unified Champion come December 15th, 2013.

For those of you thinking that this match‘s build is starting here, you would be sadly mistaken. This rivalry goes back to 2002 where these two superstars first met in an exhibition match in the WWE’s Developmental Territories. Ever since that moment this rivalry has slowly, but surely evolved into the main event of various WWE events. From an I Quit match at Breaking Point 2009 to a Iron Man Match at Bragging Rights 2009, this match is more personal than it seems. These two superstars have taken personal blows at each other from John Cena questioning Randy Orton’s success in the company to Randy Orton kicking John Cena’s father in the skull, causing serious damage to his family. As one can see this match is very personal and this must be remember when watching their upcoming epic encounter on December 15th.

With that though, one must also remember the main reason this confrontation is happening in the first place. This being the unification of the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships. This is the first time a match like this has happened since Chris Jericho unified the championships back in 2002, only to have them re separated less than 2 years later due to brand separation. Since the brand separation seemed to phase out, the unification seems to be the main way to continue the current flow the WWE is heading towards. This match will leave only one champion to reign over WWE and will 100% proclaim a face to the WWE.

On December 15, worlds will collide and there will be only one champion when the dust settles. With a rivalry that is 11 years in the making, this match is show to be historic and great one to watch. The match will be live from the Toyota Center in Houston Texas on December 15th, 2013 at 9:30 EST. Who will be the face of the WWE and the Unified Champion?

Check out and find a bar to watch the fight!

Running out of money? Watch, drink and forget about it!

Dear sport fanatics,

As we can imagine, you are probably exhausted from all of your Black Friday shopping.  We are hoping you didn’t get caught in a situation like this.

A sneak peak of this weekend’s schedule on SportChaser.comNow that you are done shopping, there are a ton of sports games going on this weekend. Here’s a quick snapper on what’s going on this weekend in your sports world.  

All times are Eastern Standard Time

  • Fri, Nov 29 – LA Lakers @ Detroit Pistons – NBA – 7:30pm – Find a bar
  • Fri, Nov 29 – WWE Smackdown – WWE – 8:00pm – Find a bar
  • Sat, Nov 30 – Columbia Blue Jackets @ Boston Bruins – NHL – 7:00pm – Find a bar
  • Sat, Nov 30 – UFC TUF Finale – UFC – 10:00pm – Find a bar
  • Sun, Dec 1 – Manchester United @ Tottenham Hotspur – English Soccer – 7:00am – Find a bar
  • Sun, Dec 1 – Miami Dolphins @ NY Jets – NFL – 1:00pm – Find a bar
  • Sun, Dec 1 – Lyon at Paris Saint-Germain – French soccer – 2:55pm – Find a bar
  • Sun, Dec 1 – Denver Broncos @ KC Chiefs – NFL – 4:25pm – Find a bar

From one sport chaser to another, enjoy your weekend and happy holidays!