5 key tactics to approach the Bar & Restaurant Industry

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Like every early-stage startup, SportChaser had to rack its brain to build the most effective marketing strategy to break through its market, on the B2B (The Bar & Restaurant industry) and B2C side. Our mission is to connect sports fans to sports bars by locating which bars are broadcasting their preferred sporting events. 6 months after the launch of our product, here are 5 conclusions on the most effective ways to approach the bar and restaurant market:

1. Careful When Soliciting

Bars owners love human contact but hate it at the same time – they are busy people, frequently solicited by suppliers and new apps and are barely interested in small companies.  Find the most efficient marketing strategy to create their interest. Don’t waste their time!

To give an example, some bars became our clients because they received phone calls from SportChaser users seeing their profile on SportChaser.com. We sparked their interest by bringing them more people.

2. Door-to-Door no More

While door-to-door sales is a common approach in the industry, we recommend focusing on digital marketing strategies, which are more effective and less time consuming. When contacting bars through social media, it gives bars owners the opportunity to answer back whenever they want and proves to them that we are active. We found out that this approach was more beneficial than door-to-door sales for SportChaser after trying for weeks to talk to managers on site. Bar managers got to know our brand in a more effective way than pitching them.

3. The Human Factor

While you create an online company, never forget the “offline” aspect of it. People want to connect in real life and your marketing approach should take this into account. The organization of SportChaser watching parties offered us with the unique opportunity to meet our users, create relationships, and receive great feedback! By meeting your users, they are more likely to appreciate your brand and remember you.

4. Vary your Online Presence

Diverse content on social media is essential to drive user engagement on a cross-platform strategy. We try to use short, diversified eye-catching content to engage our audience, talking about sports, bars or anything related.

5. Creativity is Key

Common marketing approach are not necessarily the most effective. At SportChaser, we try to think out of the box.

Traditional marketing technics have been used for years and businesses have to find practical ways to go digital to make their marketing strategies more efficient. These conclusions are applicable to SportChaser, but they might not be to all Bar & Restaurant industry businesses. Remember that every market is different and every business must find it’s own way to success.

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Did You Think the Playoffs Were Over?

Hey Chasers,

The end is almost near for the NBA and NHL seasons. Who will be crowned as a champion this year? We will find out soon enough. The French Open started this past week and has gotten off to a hot start. The marathon known as the MLB season continues on. Finally, the World Cup is about two weeks away and we at SportChaser, are super excited. Are you?

This Weekend’s Event Suggestions

Indiana Pacers @ Miami Heat – Find your bar! 
Fri, May 30 08:30 PM

The Heat return to their home court to try to finish off the Indiana Pacers and punch their ticket to the NBA Finals.



Chicago Blackhawks @ Los Angeles Kings – Find your bar!
Fri, May 30 09:00 PM

Chicago Blackhawks at Los Angeles Kings
Will the Blackhawks win tonight and face the Rangers in the Stanley Cup Final, or will the Kings get back in the race? Find out tonight!

San Antonio Spurs @ OKC
 Thunder – Find my bar!
Sat, May 31 08:30 PM

San Antonio Spurs at OKC ThunderSpurs look to advance to the NBA Finals when they take on the Thunder in Game 6 of the NBA Western Conference Finals.

Roundhouse Kicks and Champion’s League final!

Hey Chasers,

Another action-packed weekend coming up! We got playoff hockey, playoff basketball, the Championship League Finals, UFC 173 and much more. Should be an exciting few days!


Championship League Final

It’s the Championship League Final this Saturday! Real Madrid will face off against the new kings of Spain, their city rivals Atletico Madrid. Get ready soccer fans for one of the biggest games of the season!

UFC 173: Barao vs Dillashaw

This saturday, UFC 173 will feature Renan Barao vs TJ Dillashaw for the UFC Bantamweight Championship. And you know what we say: “Saturday night is Fight night”!

Canadiens @ Rangers

After tonight’s game, the Rangers might get a chance to end the series against the Kings and make it to the Stanley Cup Finals! Definitively a game you don’t want to miss!

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Baseball Gloves!

Don’t Worry Baseball Fans, We Haven’t Forgotten About You…

With NBA and NHL playoffs dominating the sports world for the past month, we don’t want to forget about our baseball fans out there. MLB season is in full swing now, and we’re starting to see who are the contenders and who are the pretenders. The Brewers, Giants, and Tigers have all gotten off to fast starts and look to be the dominate players in the MLB. While the Pirates, Rangers, and Rays, who all had high hopes for this season, are struggling to find the success they had hope for. Both New York teams are still in the thick of things and could potentially make it to the postseason this year. Should be a fun summer in New York.

Baseball is awesome

So remember baseball fans, we haven’t forgotten about you. We are ready to ride into the summer with you and all of the baseball fans out there!

5 best bars to watch the Champion’s League Final in New York City

The Champion’s League, the dream of every soccer player who ever played in Europe, the mother of all soccer games, the “Super Bowl of Soccer”. On Saturday, May 24th, all soccer fan will keep their eyes riveted on the 59th edition of the Champion’s League between Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid, on May 24th in Lisbon, Portugal.

What about you? Did you mark this date on your calendar? So get ready and let’s go through our top 5 Sports Bars bars to watch the 2014 Champion’s League Final in New York City.

  1. Quinn’s
    356 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036


    Located in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, Quinn’s is the home of the Real Madrid Fans in New York. So if your heart beats for Real Madrid and you have been waiting for this day for 12 years, look no further. Quinn’s even offers special menus and beers for all Madridistas. Awesome, right?

  2. Tir na nOg
    315 West 39th Street, NY 10018


     Located just a step from Quinn’s, Tir na nOg gather the most passionate Atletico fans in New York City! This Irish Pub definitely knows how to make fans feel welcome. Offering tasty food, great drinks and a welcoming service, this Irish Bar is definitely the place to go for all excited Atletico fans.

  3. The Football Factory @ Legends
    6 W 33rd St New York, New York 10001


     The Football Factory at Legends is definitively one of the biggest soccer bar in New York City. Located in the heart of Manhattan, the Football Factory provides a great atmosphere for games with great food and drink on hand and is a great spot to catch the Champion’s League Final.

  4. Nevada Smith 
    100 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10003


    “Where Football is Religion” – Just like the Football Factory, the Nevada Smith became a reference for Soccer fans in New York City. Open since 1992, Nevada Smith offers a large and modern venue that can accommodate both small and large groups to watch the game.

  5. Manchester Pub
    920 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10017

    Manchester Pub

    The Manchester Pub, opened in 1991, is a celebration of community, craft beers, great pub food, world soccer and NYC sports. Although Manchester Pub is the Home of Manchester fans, this pub also featured all matches from the UEFA Champions League. Looking for a cozy place to hang out with friends? Take a look at the Manchester Pub!

Whatever bar you’ll choose, it’s definitely going to be a great event! But you’d better arrive early as these bars expect massive attendance for this game. You are now (almost) ready to go, you only have 5 days to wait before the big final! Get ready!

If you are looking for another bar to catch Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid, check out our full Champion’s League Bar listing here.

Let’s get ready for the weekend!

Hey Chasers,

We have a lot going in this week, from the NBA and NHL playoffs conference finals to the end of the European Soccer leagues. Check out our recommandations for this week end!

Los Angeles Kings @ Anaheim Ducks - Find my bar!
Los Angeles Kings @ Anaheim Ducks – Fri, May 16 –  Find my bar!

Barcelona vs Atlético Madrid – Sat, May 17 – Find my bar!

Miami Heat @ Indiana Pacers – Sun, May 18 – Find my bar!

From the playoffs to the World Cup

Hey Chasers,

Are you ready for one of the biggest sports spectacles in the world? And NO, I’m not talking about the World Scrabble Championship (no disrespect to Scrabble). I’m talking about the World Cup!

Besides the Olympics, there is no sports event that has more eyeballs on it than the World Cup. We are headed towards the home stretch to the World Cup. Most of the countries’ rosters have been selected and in a month time, the World Cup will begin. So whether your a fan of Brazil, France, South Korea, Argentina, or the good old USA, we can all get excited for some Football!

To get you ready for the World Cup, here’s the top ten goals from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

It’s your game, don’t miss it! Find your bar!