5 key tactics to approach the Bar & Restaurant Industry

Here is an article published on Grow Digital about key tactics to approach the Bar & Restaurant Industry.

Like every early-stage startup, SportChaser had to rack its brain to build the most effective marketing strategy to break through its market, on the B2B (The Bar & Restaurant industry) and B2C side. Our mission is to connect sports fans to sports bars by locating which bars are broadcasting their preferred sporting events. 6 months after the launch of our product, here are 5 conclusions on the most effective ways to approach the bar and restaurant market:

1. Careful When Soliciting

Bars owners love human contact but hate it at the same time – they are busy people, frequently solicited by suppliers and new apps and are barely interested in small companies.  Find the most efficient marketing strategy to create their interest. Don’t waste their time!

To give an example, some bars became our clients because they received phone calls from SportChaser users seeing their profile on SportChaser.com. We sparked their interest by bringing them more people.

2. Door-to-Door no More

While door-to-door sales is a common approach in the industry, we recommend focusing on digital marketing strategies, which are more effective and less time consuming. When contacting bars through social media, it gives bars owners the opportunity to answer back whenever they want and proves to them that we are active. We found out that this approach was more beneficial than door-to-door sales for SportChaser after trying for weeks to talk to managers on site. Bar managers got to know our brand in a more effective way than pitching them.

3. The Human Factor

While you create an online company, never forget the “offline” aspect of it. People want to connect in real life and your marketing approach should take this into account. The organization of SportChaser watching parties offered us with the unique opportunity to meet our users, create relationships, and receive great feedback! By meeting your users, they are more likely to appreciate your brand and remember you.

4. Vary your Online Presence

Diverse content on social media is essential to drive user engagement on a cross-platform strategy. We try to use short, diversified eye-catching content to engage our audience, talking about sports, bars or anything related.

5. Creativity is Key

Common marketing approach are not necessarily the most effective. At SportChaser, we try to think out of the box.

Traditional marketing technics have been used for years and businesses have to find practical ways to go digital to make their marketing strategies more efficient. These conclusions are applicable to SportChaser, but they might not be to all Bar & Restaurant industry businesses. Remember that every market is different and every business must find it’s own way to success.

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