Roundhouse Kicks and Champion’s League final!

Hey Chasers,

Another action-packed weekend coming up! We got playoff hockey, playoff basketball, the Championship League Finals, UFC 173 and much more. Should be an exciting few days!


Championship League Final

It’s the Championship League Final this Saturday! Real Madrid will face off against the new kings of Spain, their city rivals Atletico Madrid. Get ready soccer fans for one of the biggest games of the season!

UFC 173: Barao vs Dillashaw

This saturday, UFC 173 will feature Renan Barao vs TJ Dillashaw for the UFC Bantamweight Championship. And you know what we say: “Saturday night is Fight night”!

Canadiens @ Rangers

After tonight’s game, the Rangers might get a chance to end the series against the Kings and make it to the Stanley Cup Finals! Definitively a game you don’t want to miss!

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From the playoffs to the World Cup

Hey Chasers,

Are you ready for one of the biggest sports spectacles in the world? And NO, I’m not talking about the World Scrabble Championship (no disrespect to Scrabble). I’m talking about the World Cup!

Besides the Olympics, there is no sports event that has more eyeballs on it than the World Cup. We are headed towards the home stretch to the World Cup. Most of the countries’ rosters have been selected and in a month time, the World Cup will begin. So whether your a fan of Brazil, France, South Korea, Argentina, or the good old USA, we can all get excited for some Football!

To get you ready for the World Cup, here’s the top ten goals from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

It’s your game, don’t miss it! Find your bar!

A sneak peak of this weekend’s schedule (May 9-11):

Hey Everyone!

  • Friday – NFL Draft 2nd & 3rd round  – NFL – 6:30pm – Find a bar
  • Friday – NY Rangers at Pittsburgh Penguins  – NHL – 7:00pm – Find a bar
  • Saturday –  NFL Draft Round 4-7 – NFL – 12:00pm – Find a bar
  • Saturday – Montreal Canadiens at Boston Bruins – NHL – 7:00pm – Find a bar
  • Saturday – Miami Heat at Brooklyn Nets – NBA – 8:15pm – Find a bar
  • Sunday – La Liga, Matchday 37 – Soccer – 12:55pm – Find a bar
  • Sunday – Indiana Pacers at Washington Wizards – NBA – 8:00pm – Find a bar


Come Hang at the Bar this Weekend, It’s Been Too Long

Hey you,

Yes you! When was the last time you’ve been to a bar to watch a game? A week? A month maybe? Well, get ready because this week is your week!

Whether you are a basketball, hockey, baseball or soccer fan, we have something for you. Don’t worry we didn’t forget about boxing, cycling, softball and much more? Anyway, we hope you’ll have a great time at your bar. You won’t regret it. Don’t forget we are here to help!

And speaking about regret, you won’t regret watching this video about the best NBA Video Bombs from this past season. It’s hilarious!

It’s your game, don’t miss it! Find your bar!

Top 5 NYC Sports Bars to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Campeon, Mexican Sports Restaurant and Bar

Campeon, Mexican Sports Restaurant and Bar located in Union Square (see below)

Did you know? Cinco de Mayo is coming this Monday and what a better occasion to eat some great Mexican food and tequila shots. Wait, don’t forget those tasty margaritas!

What are we celebrating?

Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexico’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla. With that battle, we (normally) celebrate Mexico’s culture and heritage! Here are five bars and restaurants you should check out to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and watch your game:

  • Campeon – Union Square
    9 E 16th St, New York, NY 10003
    This awesome sports bar houses 36 big screen HDTVs, over 70 tequilas, fine Mexican cuisine, and some killer margaritas.
  • Taqueria Lower East Side – Lower East Side
    198 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002
    Authentic Mexcain Restaraunt located in the hear of Lower East Side. No fajitas, nachos, seven-layer dips, frozen margaritas but considered as one of the most authentic cuisine and margaritas in NYC where a lot of sports fans love to go.
  • Anejo Tequileria – Hell’s Kitchen
    668 10th Ave, New York, NY 10036
    A Sexy tequileria and restaurant in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. Featuring the food of chef Angelo Sosa and Cocktails from Mixologist Joshua Wortman.
  • El Abuelo Gozon – Jackson Heights
    79-03 Roosevelt Avenue, NY 11372
    A great soccer bar located in Queens with a lot of TVs and tasty Mexican cuisine.
  • Arriba Arriba – Hell’s Kitchen
    762 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019
    Not really a sports bars (only 2 tvs) but a great place to have fun! There is always a fiesta happening at this traditional Mexican restaurant and the frozen margaritas are some of the city’s best.

You now have everything you need to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Enjoy!

And there was Soccer.

Arsenal SportChaserBack a couple of years ago, being a soccer fan in New York was a living hell. Of course finding some specific soccer bars in the city was possible but almost no one cared about soccer and even less about watching it in bars.

And then, the 2010 World Cup arrived… and America discovered soccer! Soccer, this sport that thrill us, soccer, this sport that we love. Finally, the soccer culture fits in the American world. Great players land in the MLS, specialized soccer channels appear in the US and bars finally do broadcast soccer games.

And here we are, in 2014, only a few months ago from the 2014 World Cup taking place in Brazil, the temple of soccer. Funny, isn’ it? So let’s enjoy every second of it, and find the best bars with the best crowds to root for our teams.

And if you’re like us, and your heart beats ‘football’,  come this Saturday for Arsenal v Manchester City at FC Gotham (RSVP here). We hope to see you there!