Title sweep for the Huskies!

Dear Chasers,

This past week, we had an incredible week of sports. We crowned a new NCAA Basketball champion when UConn became the first #7 seed to win it all. The Lady Huskies of UConn were also able to capture  a NCAA championship on the women’s side. We had the two-time defending NBA champions Miami Heat getting swept in the season series by Brooklyn Nets. Wrestlemania 30 gave us a handful of memorable moments that we won’t forget (Undertaker’s Streak was broken!). Finally, the MLB season is in full swing as we head for some warmer weather. YES!

This week’s featured event comes from the world of boxing when Manny Pacquiao seeks revenge on Timothy Bradley. This is the rematch between the two welterweights in which, the first fight ended in controversial fashion with a split decision for Bradley. Check out this exciting fight this Saturday at your local bar.

Have a great weekend guys, and don’t forget to find a bar to watch your game!


A sneak peak of this weekend’s schedule (Apr. 4-6):

Hi everyone!

Friday – OKC Thunder @ Houston Rockets – NBA – 7:00pm – Find a bar
Friday – NY Yankees @ Toronto Blue Jays – MLB – 7:00pm – Find a bar
Saturday – Villarreal @ Atletico Madrid – Liga – 9:55am – Find a bar
Saturday – San Fran. Giants @ LA Dodgers – MLB – 4:00pm – Find a bar
Saturday – NCAAM Final Four – NCAAM – 6:00pm – Find a bar
Sunday – NCAAW Final Four – NCAAW – 6:30pm – Find a bar
Sunday – Wrestlemania 30 – WWE – 7:00pm – Find a bar


Time to find the perfect match

Dear Chasers,

This past week was an awesome week in sports. We all enjoyed a great Opening Day in the MLB and are getting ready for the NBA playoffs. Where are you Knicks fans? We know that you are hoping for another 1998 season! And finally, your bracket (if not already) was finally busted by UConn and Kentucky when they joined Florida and Wisconsin in the Final Four. Let’s see what next week has to offer!

This week’s featured event is WWE WrestleMania also known as the “Superbowl” of the wrestling world. It is THE biggest night for the WWE! Will Daniel Bryan finally overcome all of the adversity he has faced for the past six months or will the ‘YES! Movement’ finally end? Find out this Sunday!

Have a great weekend guys, and don’t forget to find a bar to watch your game!


Wrestlemania XXX: The Most Chaotic Event of its Time

Guest Post By Miguel Mendez


Never better than recently, it has been an interesting time to be a wrestling fan. With Wrestlemania season in full effect, wrestling fans are getting a taste of the highest highs of the WWE and some of the lowest lows of the company all at the same time. Between the launch of the WWE Network, CM Punk’s departure on the company all together, storylines being changed by the week, and a new battle royal for the big event, Wrestlemania XXX is shaping up to be one of the most chaotic event of its time, for better or worse.

The launch of the WWE Network for fans has been a dream come true. Unlimited access to our favorite moments in history, pre shows and post shows for Monday Night Raw and Smackdown, and the big kicker… access to every Pay Per View including Wrestlemania XXX for only 10$ per month. I recommend watching it at a bar though, it’s way more exciting!

Aside from the WWE Network launch, another storyline that is making Wrestlemania reach mainstream appeal is the sudden departure of former superstar Cm Punk. While in his time with WWE, CM Punk was one the top billed superstars and played the role of a rebel within the company the fans could relate to. This character worked for the WWE universe and ended up skyrocketing him to the top spot. The reasons for his leaving are not clear, but many believe it has to do with his original booking for the WWE Championship match being taken away from him in exchange for the returning Batista getting the spot. This apparently angered Punk beyond belief and caused Punk to choose to leave the company. This real aspect to the company is causing some uproar concerning Wrestlemania and wondering whether Punk will make a return or not in time.


The other storylines are definitely turning some heads with the big event approaching as well though. The quadruple main event occurring is sure to be a memorable one. Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H is sure to be a great match and with the third spot in the WWE Championship match for that evening on the line, I cannot see this match being a disappointment. John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt is another sure-fire great match. It describes the story of man vs. machine and the story of a man’s legacy vs. a man’s mission. This along with the WWE Championship of Batista vs. Randy Orton vs. The winner of the other match and the beast Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker in a Beast vs. The Streak match is sure to make Wrestlemania 30 one we may not be soon to forget. The streak could be broken, the WWE Champion could be the COO of the company or the company’s biggest underdog, John Cena’s legacy could be forever tarnished, and the crowning of the first Andre The Giant Battle Royal.

I am sure to be on the edge of my seat heading into the event, I hope you all are as well from your favorite Sports Bar. The biggest Wrestlemania in 10 years is on, don’t miss it!

This weekend on SportChaser – Feb. 14 to Feb. 16

A sneak peak of this weekend’s schedule on SportChaser.com

Fri, Feb. 14th – Men’s Curling: USA @ Russia – Sochi – 5:00pm – Find a bar
Fri, Feb. 14th – WWE SmackDown – WWE – 8:00pm – Find a bar
Fri, Feb. 14th – BBVA Rising Stars Challenge – NBA – 9:00pm – Find a bar
Sat, Feb. 15th – Chelsea @ Man. City – English Soccer – 12:00pm – Find a bar
Sat, Feb. 15th – Men’s Hockey: Russia @ USA – Sochi   – 7:00pm – Find a bar
Sat, Feb. 15th – Stanford Cardinal @ Washington State Cougars – College Basketball – 7:00pm – Find a bar
Sun, Feb. 16th – Wisconsin Badgers @ Michigan Wolverines – College Basketball – 1:00pm – Find a bar
Sun, Feb. 16th – Sampdoria at Roma – Italian soccer – 2:40pm – Find a bar
Sun, Feb. 16th – 2014 NBA All Star Game – NBA – 8:00pm – Find a bar

A sneak peak of this weekend’s schedule (12/20-12/22)

A sneak peak of this weekend’s schedule on SportChaser.com

  • Fri, Dec. 20th – NY Islanders @ NY Rangers – NHL – 7:00pm – Find a Bar
  • Fri, Dec. 20th – WWE Smackdown – WWE – 8:00pm – Find a bar
  • Sat, Dec 21st – USC Trojans @ Fresno State Bulldogs – Las Vegas Bowl – College Football – 03:30pm – Find a bar
  • Sat, Dec. 21st – Cavaliers @ Bulls – NBA – 8:00pm – Find a bar
  • Sun. Dec. 22nd – Cowboys @ Redskins – NFL – 1:00pm – Find a bar
  • Sun. Dec. 22nd – AC Milan @ Internazionale – Soccer – 2:40pm – Find a bar
  • Sun, Dec. 22nd – Lille vs. PSG – French Soccer – 3:00pm – Find a bar


Get in the Holiday Spirit with SportChaser.com

Dear Chasers,

Happy holidays from SportChaser.com! We wish you a wonderful time with the people you love and a safe holiday season, starting with this cute video from a 2-year old playing basketball.

Now, onto the big reasons to visit your local sports bars this weekend. From the UFC and WWE fights to a some crazy sports games, this weekend is sure to turn some heads and give us a reason to talk so with that, check out the top games with our weekend snapshot.

A sneak peak of this weekend’s schedule on SportChaser.com

  • Fri, Dec. 13th – Brooklyn Nets @ Detroit Pistons – NHL – 7:30pm – Find a Bar
  • Fri, Dec. 13th – The Ashes Third Test, Day 2 – Cricket – 9:30pm – Find a bar
  • Sat, Dec. 14th – Man. City vs. Arsenal – English Soccer – 7:40am – Find a bar
  • Sat, Dec. 14th – RC Toulon vs. Exeter Chiefs – Rugby – 3:00pm – Find a bar
  • Sat, Dec. 14th – Johnson vs. Benavidez 2 – UFC – 8:00pm – Find a bar
  • Sun, Dec. 15th – Seattle Seahawks vs. NY Giants – NFL – 1:00pm – Find a bar
  • Sun, Dec. 15th – Phil. Flyers @ Wash. Capitals – NHL –  3:00pm – Find a bar
  • Sun, Dec. 15th – WWE TLC – WWE – 8:00pm – Find a bar

Enjoy your weekend and the craziness this next week will bring!