From the playoffs to the World Cup

Hey Chasers,

Are you ready for one of the biggest sports spectacles in the world? And NO, I’m not talking about the World Scrabble Championship (no disrespect to Scrabble). I’m talking about the World Cup!

Besides the Olympics, there is no sports event that has more eyeballs on it than the World Cup. We are headed towards the home stretch to the World Cup. Most of the countries’ rosters have been selected and in a month time, the World Cup will begin. So whether your a fan of Brazil, France, South Korea, Argentina, or the good old USA, we can all get excited for some Football!

To get you ready for the World Cup, here’s the top ten goals from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

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NHL Playoffs: One step closer to the Stanley Cup Finals (2/2)

By Jon

After a hard hitting night of hockey yesterday, we get the privilege of another night of awesome hockey. Will two teams lose their dream to hoist the Stanley Cup tonight? Or will we only say goodbye to one? So that being said, let’s look a little closer at these games tonight.

When the Penguins went up 3-1 in this series, many believed that this series was over and the Penguins were going to Eastern Conference Finals. But, the Rangers wouldn’t’ allow it and stormed back. The New York team won both Game 5 and 6 and look to make the comeback complete. But let’s be careful! Never, in its history the Rangers came back from a 3-1 deficit. Can the Rangers keep up their momentum to pull off their biggest comeback in team history?

New York Rangers at Pittsburgh Penguins

New York Rangers at Pittsburgh Penguins – May 2014

Home ice. Home ice has been the name of the game in this series. Each team been victorious on their home ice against the other team. The Blackhawks hold a 3-2 advantage over the Wild going back to Minnesota to play Game 6. Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews have both been solid in this series with two goals apiece while, Zach Parise prove to be very good for the Wild with four points in the series. However, the Blackhawks probably have had the MVP in this postseason with Bryan Bickell, scoring six goals this postseason, tied for postseason league leaders, including four of them in this series. Let’s look for Left Winger Matt Cooke who made immediate impact in Game 4 and will certainly make a difference in Game 6.

Blackhawks are looking to make it back to the Stanley Cup Finals to potentially win back-to-back Stanley Cups. The Wild will try their best to make sure that doesn’t happen as both teams try to advance to the Western Conference Finals. While the Rangers and Penguins have to lay it all on the line. It’s either win or go home for both teams. Should be another exciting night of hockey. Enjoy guys!

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NHL Playoffs: One step closer to the Stanley Cup Finals (1/2)

By Jon

Most hockey fans will tell you that there is nothing like playoff hockey. Any game can change in an instant by one single shot. With the second round of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs coming to a close, let’s take a look at tonight closing games.

Two of the original six teams in the NHL have not disappointed in this series. This is the 34th time these two have fought each other in the playoffs, which is also an NHL record! Let’s mention that two of the five games going into overtime (one went into double OT!). But, Boston was able to take a 3-2 lead on their home ice this weekend with a very impressive win and now look to close out this series in Montreal. The Bruins do have all of the momentum going into Montreal especially winning the past two games but expect the Canadians to bring everything they got tonight! They certainly do not want to lose on their home ice, especially against a rival like the Boston Bruins.

Reilly Smith fighting with David Desharnais

Reilly Smith fighting with David Desharnais

Both teams sure do not like to play on their home ice. The Kings took the first two games in Anaheim against the Ducks. The Ducks return the favor by taking the next two games in Los Angeles. This sets up a pivotal Game 5 between both teams. The winner will have a 3-2 advantage going forward in the series and close to 80% of teams leading 3-2, go on to win the series outright! There shouldn’t be any doubt that Jonathan Quick will be back in net for the Kings for Game 5. But how about the 20 year old AHL call up John Gibson for the Ducks? Gibson had an incredible game in Game 4 making 28 saves for his team as the Ducks shut out the Kings. Let’s wait and see what this game has to offer.
Boston will look to close out their series tonight while the Canadians have already showed us what they are capable of. But let’s not forget about the Freeway Face-Off, where one team can put themselves in a great position to move on to the Western Conference Finals. We will find out tonight.

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NBA Playoffs Extravaganza!

The NBA Playoffs have been awesome so far!

We are usually lucky, on a good year, to get two good series in the first round but this year, we have FIVE great series going on!

There has already been a fair share of memorable moments for this first round: Vince Carter buzzer beater against the Spurs (see video), four straight OT games between the Grizzlies and Thunder or LaMarcus Aldridge reminding everyone he is the best power forward in the league!

So far, these playoffs have been thrilling and unforgettable, and it’s only the first round! So what to expect next?

NBA playoffs: from one surprise to another?

Guest Post By Jon Sabal

We’re off and running with the NBA playoffs.  The first week of the playoffs are barely over and we already have a handful of great moments.  But first, let’s get into some of the real surprises of the NBA playoffs so far.

Atlanta Hawks

Even though the Hawks got destroyed by the Indiana Pacers the other night, they still have to feel pretty good about the fact that the series is tied and will now be going back to Atlanta for two games.  Jeff Teague had an awesome game one.  Thanks to his constant drives to the basket Atlanta was able to power through and come up with the win in game one.  Let’s not forget about the lone All Star for the Hawks, Paul Millsap, who has been able to score at will.  It is important to note that this is a #1 seed vs. #8 seed series; and only once in NBA history has a #8 seed upset and beaten a #1 seed in a seven game series. The Hawks do have some advantages, such as key mismatches against the Pacers. I’m not saying the Hawks are going to outright win the series, but they can potentially make it interesting.

Chicago Bulls

Man, talk about putting yourself at a disadvantage. The Washington Wizards were able to pull off two huge wins on the Bulls’ home court.  Since January 24th of this year, the Bulls have only allowed three opponents to score 100+ points.  The Wizards were one of those teams, and they did it in back-to-back games.  The Bulls are in real trouble as they head to D.C. for two games against the Wizards.  One of the main issues that the Bulls face is their own offense.  Their overall offense is ranked near the bottom of the league; they have been able to get by due to their hard nosed defense.  The major problem with their offense is that they don’t have that dynamic scorer that can help them in those “dry spells”. They don’t have someone like – Oh I don’t know…Derrick Rose perhaps?  Another issue is that Nené is outplaying Joakim Noah.  Noah was the defensive player of the year this year, and for the Bulls to have any shot in this series, he must be the “X-factor” that he has been during the regular season.  If he’s not, then expect a quick end to the Bulls’ season this year.

Home Court Advantage?

This year home court advantage hasn’t really meant much. Only the Miami Heat have won both of their home games, both against the Charlotte Bobcats.  Every other team has lost at least one home game in the playoffs.  The Bulls and Rockets are in a horrible position because they have both lost both of their home games; the Bulls losing to the Wizards and the Rockets losing to the Blazers.  The odds are not in the favor of either the Bulls or the Rockets coming back from this deficit.  History shows thatlosers of game one are not in the best shape either, since 69% of game one losers end up losing the series.  Now the lower seeds will get their chance to prove themselves at home, so let’s see how they do.

It’s still very early in the playoffs so we will just have to wait and see what other surprises are yet to come.

What are you up to this week?

Dear Chasers,

Can you believe it’s almost May? April continues to be an awesome month for sports, and this past week was no exception. The NBA and NHL playoffs continue to rage on. The Heat look to make it a three-peat and make it to their FOURTH final in a row. The Blackhawks are in a fight with the St. Louis Blues in their mission to win back-to-back Stanley Cups. It’s still very early in the MLB season, but we are starting to see the true contenders in the league. UFC 172 is this Saturday with a huge main event between Jon “Bones” Jones and Glover Teixeira for the UFC Light Heavyweight Title. Should be awesome.

Clip of the Week comes from the Grizzlies/Thunder Game this past week and KEVIN DURANT! Enjoy!

Have a great weekend guys, and don’t forget to find a bar to watch your game!

Wrestlemania XXX: The Most Chaotic Event of its Time

Guest Post By Miguel Mendez


Never better than recently, it has been an interesting time to be a wrestling fan. With Wrestlemania season in full effect, wrestling fans are getting a taste of the highest highs of the WWE and some of the lowest lows of the company all at the same time. Between the launch of the WWE Network, CM Punk’s departure on the company all together, storylines being changed by the week, and a new battle royal for the big event, Wrestlemania XXX is shaping up to be one of the most chaotic event of its time, for better or worse.

The launch of the WWE Network for fans has been a dream come true. Unlimited access to our favorite moments in history, pre shows and post shows for Monday Night Raw and Smackdown, and the big kicker… access to every Pay Per View including Wrestlemania XXX for only 10$ per month. I recommend watching it at a bar though, it’s way more exciting!

Aside from the WWE Network launch, another storyline that is making Wrestlemania reach mainstream appeal is the sudden departure of former superstar Cm Punk. While in his time with WWE, CM Punk was one the top billed superstars and played the role of a rebel within the company the fans could relate to. This character worked for the WWE universe and ended up skyrocketing him to the top spot. The reasons for his leaving are not clear, but many believe it has to do with his original booking for the WWE Championship match being taken away from him in exchange for the returning Batista getting the spot. This apparently angered Punk beyond belief and caused Punk to choose to leave the company. This real aspect to the company is causing some uproar concerning Wrestlemania and wondering whether Punk will make a return or not in time.


The other storylines are definitely turning some heads with the big event approaching as well though. The quadruple main event occurring is sure to be a memorable one. Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H is sure to be a great match and with the third spot in the WWE Championship match for that evening on the line, I cannot see this match being a disappointment. John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt is another sure-fire great match. It describes the story of man vs. machine and the story of a man’s legacy vs. a man’s mission. This along with the WWE Championship of Batista vs. Randy Orton vs. The winner of the other match and the beast Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker in a Beast vs. The Streak match is sure to make Wrestlemania 30 one we may not be soon to forget. The streak could be broken, the WWE Champion could be the COO of the company or the company’s biggest underdog, John Cena’s legacy could be forever tarnished, and the crowning of the first Andre The Giant Battle Royal.

I am sure to be on the edge of my seat heading into the event, I hope you all are as well from your favorite Sports Bar. The biggest Wrestlemania in 10 years is on, don’t miss it!